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As you would expect, ReadyFlor  is crafted to our own exacting standards from the finest quality hardwoods. It comprises three layers of timber permanently fused together. This is done using high quality heat-cure adhesive technology. Each layer is fused in opposing grain directions for optimum strength and dimensional stability.

bullet19_gray.gif  The top layer is the 4mm solid hardwood that will give your home the spectacular appearance you are looking for. Coated with six coats of scratch-resistant UV laquer fo maximum durability, this layer is as re-coatable and re-sandable as conventional floorboards, so your floor will continue to impress for many years.

bullet19_gray.gif  The bottom layer of the floor stabilises the overal conctruction and provides a durable and workable surface to ensure trouble-free installation.

bullet19_gray.gif  Unlike most floors of this type, our core is made from solid hardwood, giving your floor greater stability.  Not only that, all ReadyFlor cores are made from the environmentally friendly Rubberwood. After the rubber tree is finished it s productive life, instead of burning it, we use this outstanding hardwood as the structural core of the ReadyFlor range.

Pre Finish Timber Coates image

ReadyFlor has six coats of U.V. laquer with ReadyFlor S.R.T. and three layers of timber which are permanently fused together.

1. six coats of laquer with ReadyFlor S.R.T.

2. 4mm hardwood wear layer

3. 8mm hardwood core

4. 2mm backing board

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 ReadyFlor COLOURS*

The Readyflor range offers three different styles to choose from. Each offering its own individual appeal; parquet style, double plank and single plank can all completely transform an area, adding value and beauty in both domestic and commercial installations.

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 ReadyFlor Types of Wood*

The wood species you choose determines the colour, surface texture and feel of your floor - and by consequence the whole atmosphere of your interior. In this collection, you can choose from several wood species: Blackbutt, Tasmanian Oak, Spotted Gum, Sydney Blue Gum, Jarrah, Oak, Kempas, Merbau, White Oak

Click on image above to open pdf and go to page 30 to view range.


 ReadyFlor STYLES

bullet19_gray.gif  Single Plank (1 Strip)


Pre Finish Timber Strips

bullet19_gray.gif  Parquet Style (3 Strip)

Parquet Style Readyflor, the most popular style, is also the most affordable. More commonly referred to as 3 Strip (owing to the fact that there are three rows of timber across the width of each board) this style simulates a random length block parquetry floor and is available in a wide range of timbers. The standard board size is 2085mm x 186mm x 14mm with some species also available in 1030 x 186 x 14mm (nominal).

Three strip is pictured at bottom of image above.

Single Plank is targeted at the more exclusive installations. Available in Merbau, Kempas, Northern Box, Tasmanian Oak, Beech, Ironwood and American Oak, this product simulates a traditional wide floorboard. Also referred to as 1 Strip, Single Plank looks fantastic installed on a 45 angle, offering something quite unique to any area.

Single Plank is pictured top of image on right or click here to view larger picture.


bullet19_gray.gif  Double Plank (2 Strip)

Double Plank, despite being slightly more expensive than parquet style, is an extremely popular choice with both domestic and commercial consumers. Also referred to as 2 Strip (owing to the fact that each board has two strips of timber across the width), Double Plank represents a short, random floorboard and is also sold in 2085 x 186 x 14mm boards.

Two Strip is pictured middle of image on right.


*  Colours and textures should be taken as an indication only as they vary with digital imaging
   and wood flooring is also subject to colour change when exposed to UV light.



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